Only you in my love

Chapter 190 I Am Your Foot And You Are My Hand

John was a little angry. "Is it funny?"

He stared at Adrian with sharp eyes. Adrian shook his hand and said, "No, no. It's not funny at all."

He had never offended anyone. How dare he offend Mr. John?

Adrian asked cautiously, "So last night, sister-in-law..."

"Not last night." Every night from one to half past eleven, the alarm clock would ring on time. He knew that the little girl would remind him to go to bed.

John had a regular lifestyle, so he would be reminded by his biological clock. He felt a little more relieved when Nina became his biological clock every day.

So he just let her do it every night.

Since then, he would not bully the little girl at night.

Adrian smiled meaningfully, "Your hobby is really..."

"What?" With another cold and stern look from John, Adrian immediately shut up.

Seeing that Mr. John was still frowning, Adrian had to risk his life to advise him, "Mr. John, why don't you ask my sister-in-law and see if she was not, not...... Satisfied? "

Adrian said the last few words under great pressure. The cold eyes scared him to be a stutterer.

The more dangerous a person was, the more potential he would have. Adrian came up with an idea and a reasonable explanation, "I know, Mr. John, I know. This must be the wrong time you picked. Sister-in-law was a little girl. She must be shy in the daylight. "

John nodded and said, "It makes sense."

Whoosh...... Adrian breathed a sigh of relief.

The two of them came out of the study. Nina was sitting on the sofa and watching TV. James fawningly pinched her shoulders and thumped her back, and said with a smile, "Aunt Nina, please help me later. Tomorrow is the deadline. You must help Emma."

"Where did you learn the massage manipulation?" Nina felt quite relaxed. She had been sitting or lying for the past two days, and she hadn't exercised well.

Of course, James specially learned this skill from professional massage worker, which was specially used to please Uncle John and get some money.

smile, "I'm smart. I

was still able to basically judge this skilled technique. Within one or two years, it wouldn't be able

learn it after being massaged by others. " Anyway, Uncle John

are you the last one in your grade during the school time?"

chill down his spine, James turned his head mechanically and said, "Uncle John, you, you and Mr. Adrian have finished

make any sound when he walked?

thought that Aunt Nina would mention his merits more when she chatted with Emma. How could his Uncle John talk about

shown his white teeth with tension.

to stand aside

a rumor made him a

leaned against Adrian and kept

familiar smell, Nina turned around, put her hands on the edge of the sofa, raised

Nina would ask him what they were talking

"Helen had gone out to get something for me. Can you help me

Thinking that there were still two

front of others. How could he do

witnessed the scene that

moment and smiled gently. "Please help me take it. If you

him enough respect.

at the corners of his mouth, John

When John reached out to take it, his attention suddenly attracted by an apple and a fruit knife on

the little girl say

he got hurt, he could order

leg last time, he deliberately slid his hand and hurt the index finger of his right hand. The wound, about one centimeter long, was

time, he was not

up to Nina, regardless of

on the side of the table in front of Nina, which was the easiest position for Nina to notice his wound.

As expected, when Nina saw it, she was so nervous that she wanted to stand up. But she lost her balance and fell forward.

caught Nina. He held Nina and fell down on the sofa. A hint of worry flashed through his eyes. "Is your foot

hand." Nina didn't care about the wound on her foot at all. She grabbed John's right hand and saw

to get a fruit plate. Why did he hurt his hand.

Useless man!

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