Her Volkovs #Book 3

Her Volkovs #Book 3

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Chapter 45

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Belle's relationship with Nikolai and Alexei is slowly falling apart as Artan's role in her life deepens. The Volkov brothers are still on the hunt for the man who killed their fathers all the while resisting the urge to kill Artan--the Albanian Mob Boss, for pursuing Belle. Belle and Alexei go through a rough patch as she starts to doubt his true feelings for her. Does he love her for who she is or who she reminds him of? Will they overcome the foes in their relationship when their greatest enemy is their own demons? Meanwhile, the Volkov Crime family got the surprise of their lives that affects the Mafia's future. This is Book 3 of Her Volkov Series. This is not a stand-alone book. You have to read the first and second books to understand the 3rd installment.

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