Her Volkovs #Book 1

Her Volkovs #Book 1

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Chapter 45

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Belle is an innocent and kindhearted 26-year-old virgin who came from a small country once ruled by her overbearing dictator father. Now she is in New York City enjoying every bit of her freedom until she met Nikolai and Alexei. Nikolai Vyacheslav Volkov and Alexei Viktor Volkov, the most sought-after brothers of the New York underground criminal world. Nikolai, more popularly known as Volkov, is the Boss of the Russian Mafia. An organized criminal organization ran by the Volkov Crime Family. He took over the family business when his father, Vyacheslav, was murdered. Nikolai made a name for himself as a man of his word, feared and respected. He is on top of his game--a Billionaire who owns different legitimate businesses and finance companies in New York City. His reputation precedes him; a short-tempered and violent crime Boss. His brother, Alexei is the Underboss of the Mafia. He handles the underground business and takes charge of the Mafia's manpower and underground dealings. His father was the Underboss before the latter was also shot to death. Belle was swept off her feet the very moment she locked eyes with the man who has dark green eyes and an undeniable charm she finds hard to resist. Little did she know that in that same moment her life will turn upside down.

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