You're The Best Medicine For Me

Chapter 74: Meeting the Goody Two Shoes on the Way to the Banquet

Shirley bathed the two kids and changed into the parent-child outfit that Mildred picked for her. Then they headed to Phoenix Restaurant together with Mildred.

The atmosphere was cheerful on the way. They went to this dinner with anticipation and a happy mood.

As they were about to arrive at Phoenix Restaurant, Mildred bore something in mind suddenly, and she turned around to Shirley, “I heard that Amelia Jones is back too.”

Shirley frowned instantly, looking back at the two kids behind her. The two little ones probably had heard this name too, and their faces changed, especially for Emma, scrunching up her face.

Shirley turned back and said, “Hasn’t she always been in France? Besides, her sugar daddy hasn’t changed since I joined the industry.”

“I heard that her sugar daddy was dead, and she had offended too many people in France. Since the Jones family is based in this city and she wants to come back to find another sugar daddy.” This was all hearsay. Amelia was so bitchy and on par with Sabina Thomas.

Speaking of Sabina, Mildred had news to share too, “By the way, your sister and mother took a ferry and went to Country A this morning.”

Shirley frowned, “What are they doing in Country A?”

That place was known for its gambling industry. It was a surprise to Shirley that the two had gone to such a place.

Mildred sneered, “She revealed to her fans that she had contacted a famous doctor there and went there to recuperate from her injuries.”

Speaking of this, Mildred was thoughtful, “But, I have been sending people observe them secretly.”

Shirley trembled, and she turned around, staring at Mildred, “Mildred, I’ll handle my own affairs. Don’t meddle in my business. Sabina can do anything when she is in a frenzy.”

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looked down at her clothes and hands, exclaiming, “Mildred Walker, you bitch,

had just seen her and hurried over, saying, “It’s you, Ms. Jones. I’m sorry. I’ve just come back

Mildred was indeed good at being mystifying. However, Amelia had nothing to be a pity

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