You're The Best Medicine For Me

Chapter 73: Shirley Thomas’s Nostalgia

Shirley was startled. Both of them knew well who this guy was that he was referring to.

She pursed her lips and said, “Well, I have seen him, and I’m his personal psychiatrist now.”

“Then does he know about the children?” Kevin continued to ask.

Back then, Mildred saved her, and Kevin had done the plastic surgery for her.

Kevin was an excellent doctor, involving in psychology, cosmetic surgery, and also cardiology. It could be said that he was an all-rounder when it came to medicine.

Kevin was present when Shirley talked about her own story. Kevin sympathised with her and treated her with more care than any other patient. And the two eventually became good friends.

Kevin discovered that Shirley had a great talent for perfumery, so he introduced her to his master, becoming his junior.

Shirley returned in a heavy tone, “Not sure yet. But given his ingenuity, he might find out very soon.”

“Do you want the kids to come back to him? If you want to, just tell him. If you don’t want to… I can help you!”

When Kevin finished talking, Shirley’s hand holding the steering wheel clenched tightly.

Kevin was different from Mildred. He wouldn’t advise her to stay by Bryan Moore’s side, nor advised her to leave this man too. Kevin respected her position and supported her no matter what she did.

Now that Kevin was asking her this, she was out of her depth and at a loss for words.

“Then let’s talk about it when we meet.” Kevin said gently, “Stay focused while driving, and stay away from vans.”

“Alright.” Shirley hung up first.

The two kids had already gone to kindergarten when she got back to the Spennor Residence. Mildred immediately came out of the villa when she saw Shirley return in her car.

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have a fair skin tone, and this colour suits you well. Moreover, this is also a parent-child outfit. There are two sets of male and female baby outfits. Then you can wear this with

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two days had annoyed her. Shirley had too many concerns about him. First of all, the Moore family was big and complicated. Although she knew that Bryan no longer had a mother, and Madame Moore could accept her two

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who treated Bryan well, she never saw anyone else from the Moore family came to the manor. And this

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