You're The Best Medicine For Me

Chapter 72: She Called Madame Moore as Grandma

Shirley was stunned and turned around, looking at Scarlett.

Scarlett’s smile was so sweet, and she placed her hand onto Shirley’s hand, gently stroking it, “Is it possible for you being with my grandson?”

“Erm…” Shirley’s face was blushing instantly.

Jasmine chuckled, “Madame Moore, how can you ask a girl like this? She’s shy already.”

Scarlett laughed, patting her mouth, and said, “Look, grandma is getting muddled, can’t even speak properly. Paisley, I really like you. Why don’t you consider Bryan?”

Shirley was dumbfounded, looking at Scarlett. She was going red in the face. Shirley touched her ears and said, “Madame Moore…”

“Call me grandma.”

Shirley was astonished by Scarlett’s words again. Were all the older adults nowadays being so open, not to mention a wealthy old lady too. Shouldn’t she pick her granddaughter-in-law? Shirley was a mother of two children.

Jasmine laughingly added, “Miss Thomas, just give it a call. The Moore family was blessed with male children. Madame Moore only had one daughter, and to the young master’s generation, it was all boys. Madame Moore was crazy to have a granddaughter.”

Shirley chuckled, feeling embarrassed inside to say it out, as she was Bryan’s grandmother. But seeing Scarlett’s pitiful look, Shirley then said out awkwardly, “Grandma.”

“Good girl.” Scarlett was delighted, patting Shirley’s hand, and asked, “What did you want to tell grandma just now?”

“You can’t force someone to love you. But I’ll try my best to preserve this relationship if it really comes to the point where the two of us love each other. Do you think so, grandma?” Shirley had done talking, throwing the question back to Scarlett.

Scarlett should have understood what Shirley said. As long as the one Shirley liked and the other also liked her, she wouldn’t let go of it. And that was what she had intended to do. But Bryan was still far from that point right now.

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