You're The Best Medicine For Me

Chapter 75: Emma Fought Back

Everyone was dumbfounded the moment when Shirley slapped Amelia in the face. Amelia stared at her in disbelief.

Amelia was the first to apprentice, and she was the master’s favourite pupil. Back then, when Kevin brought Shirley to Arthur, she was still a cowardly rookie, but now she dared to bully Amelia.

“Shirley, how dare you hit me.” Amelia roared in anger.

She then took a big step forward, raising her hand, and was about to hit Shirley. Just then, a black car came from the driveway, flashing its lights at Amelia several times.

Both Amelia and Shirley looked in the direction of the lights. They saw about four men getting out of the car.

The one who came out from the driver’s seat seemed to be in his late twenties, wearing a black suit, with slicked-back hair, looking elegant and handsome. While a middle-aged man came out from the passenger seat, wearing a navy blue Tang suit and a pair of glasses, looking friendly and vigorous. The two men behind were not dressed in dignity but concise.

Amelia drew back her hand immediately when she saw somebody coming. Her eyes were red, heading to the middle-aged man, “Master, you’re finally here.”

She talked in a coy way and full of grievances.

Mildred flipped out, wanting to walk over, but was stopped by Shirley.

At this moment, Emma, who had been standing behind Shirley, suddenly ran towards the middle-aged man, saying in a soft and sweet voice, “Uncle Stewart, Uncle Stewart… I want hugs…”

The person who arrived was the famous master in the perfume industry, Arthur Stewart. And the man beside him was one of his favoured students, Kevin.

Arthur, who originally had a stern face, smiled when seeing Emma running towards him, and he bent down to pick up the little one.

hug.” Arthur picked up

suddenly, “Uncle Stewart, I’m so scared. Somebody is bullying my mommy, and scolding me, my brother, and Aunt

froze, and even Jacob didn’t expect

spicing up the story. The funniest thing was that Emma even pretended to lift her

vexed, and now she couldn’t hold it anymore, shouting at the child, “Who pushed you? Shirley, is this how you teach your children,

Emma letting out a loud cry, “Boohoo,

it was them…” Amelia was indignant, pointing at Shirley and

voice, “Amelia, after so many years,


and you were even apprenticed several years before Shirley, can’t you just give in to her? Just how old is Emma, and you yelled at

Amelia first, every time whether Shirley did wrong or not. He would suppress Amelia’s temper with the reason of

down at her clothes, pointing at the water stains on them, and said, “This is

clothes from abroad that I wanted to

back and instructed his assistant, who immediately went back to the car and

on the box wasn’t cheap. This was the only gift that could

and Amelia was

clothes, “Then for Kevin’s sake, I won’t bother with

Shirley and Mildred before entering Phoenix Restaurant


lips, smiling at Shirley, “I’ll bring

saying that, Kevin looked down at Jacob, who had been standing by the side. He took a big step towards him, raising his hands, and said, “Do you

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