“Arabella,” Eric Grant uttered her name with an inspiring smile.

He was left with a heavy heart earlier. Seeing the couple go away, he wanted to stop them. He wanted to know her more but he controlled himself.

Remembering that she was already married to Bill Sky, he shook his head to get rid of her in his mind. Then, he got a small jewelry box from his drawer. He opened it and stared at the thing inside the box then he smiled.

“Why do I feel that you are just around?” He muttered looking at the box. He smiled again. “Soon… I will see you soon.” Eric added then he closed the small jewelry box.

Meanwhile, at the oldest church in F city, Bill brought Arabella who was struggling in his arms.

“Put me down! Bill, what are you doing?” She angrily shouted wiggling her body to escape but Bill was strong enough to hold her body firmly into its position.

They entered the church. The solemnity was there as there were no other people aside from them. Arabella felt embarrassed to shout in a very holy place. “Put me down, Bill.” She whispered.

“Shhh…” He just muttered.

“You are really insane.” She remarked her conclusion.

“Yes. I am.” He simply answered.

Arabella didn’t want to argue but she rolled her eyes at him.

“Mommy!” Suddenly, Adam’s voice was heard. Arabella was surprised. She looked around and saw her son in front of another man.

Bill put her down and she quickly ran towards Adam. She hugged him so tight. “Adam, my son. Why are you here?” She was happy seeing him but she couldn’t help to wonder how he got there?

“I could not miss my parent’s wedding,” Adam answered with a cheerful voice and a joyous smile.

Upon hearing her son, Arabella’s jaw dropped. She felt she misheard Adam.

She didn’t want to argue with Adam so she stood up with cold sweats and controlled annoyance. In front of her child, she was sweet but she couldn’t promise if she could control the irritation inside her. Arabella walked closer to Bill.

“What is this, Bill?” She whispered with controlled anger.

“We are getting married again.” He simply answered.

“Why? We are already divorced. Isn’t that we all wanted?” Without the presence of Adam, she swore to hit him at that moment but Bill was too fond of playing tricks with her that he even used their son to control her.

“It’s not Adam wanted and I don't want it.” He clarified emphasizing every word he said.

“Oh, come on! You are never a good husband to me.” She smirked smiling to suppress her irritation.

“Because you didn’t give me a chance,” Bill answered sternly.

“Huh!” Arabella scoffed. “Are you joking me?” She said with insults. “I can’t marry you. I already signed our divorce and that’s it. Our tie is over.” She declared with a touch of sarcasm and proud tone.