Bill's announcement was like a bomb that exploded to everyone. Bill was too private in their circle. They were used him seeing different partners in their annual gathering so nobody thought he had a wife.

Bill Sky's wife?

Who is she?


The hooker?

In the billionaires' club, only Bill and Eric were known as bachelors.

With a confused expression, she stayed rooted on her spot as her mind went blank.

"Mr. Sky, I never offended your wife." With bleeding and a broken nose, Mr. Clinton defended himself as he felt mistakenly accused by Bill. "Couldn't be Lala?" Mr. Clinton's gaze switched to the woman on Bill's side. "Hahaha! Come on, my friend, as noble as you are, I didn't know that your type is just a hooker!" Mr. Clinton couldn't help to laugh while talking. Struggling to stand steadily while holding his broken nose, "Since I already know your type, I can actually offer you many women a lot better with Lala. Hahaha…How's that, my friend?" Mr. Clinton chuckled trying to negotiate things with Bill through women.

"Take him away." Instead of responding, Bill sternly ordered the policemen.

"Mr. Sky! You can't do this to me! All of you, you can't do this to me!" Mr. Clinton shouted while he was dragged out by the policemen in his event.

Bill simply smirked at him then he calmly strode towards Arabella. All eyes suddenly landed on Arabella. With a restless heartbeat, Arabella panicked seeing Bill striding closer to her.

What is he up to this time? She was always nervous about all his tricks.

She didn't know why she felt more uneasy tonight. Bill smirked at her then his gaze swept across Eric Grant whose eyes were fixated on Arabella.

Bill smiled provokingly.

"What are you doing?" Arabella whispered feeling not stabilized with all the eyes scrutinizing her.

Instead of answering, Bill suddenly held her soft hand which appeased every speculation in the room including Eric. Bill then leaned over and kissed her hand in a gentlemanly manner.

Arabella was stunned by his action. Blushing, she wanted to snatch her hand back but Bill strongly gripped it not planning to let her go.

Eric was observing the scene. He never thought that the only girl who caught his interest was Bill's wife.

'Is he playing a trick in front of everyone?'

Eric couldn't help to wonder as Bill was known for his no commitment reputation for women.

Annually, Bill attended the event with different partners. None of them were brought twice at the same time.

Eric was a bit disappointed knowing the relationship of the star of the night and Bill Sky but judging from the girl's expression, she was uneasy about the situation. Eric got a bit of chance of hope in him. He was not sure for a moment what was into him but he knew there’s something he wanted more. From the first time he saw her, he felt something unusual inside him. He found it hard to resist her charm. As a self-made billionaire and a handsome young man, he was used to being surrounded by pretty women but the girl tonight was different. He could see her uneasy nervous and worried at the same time but she tried her best to breathe and stood up steady. Eric's breathing was erratic as she looked at the girl. For an unexplainable reason, he wanted to protect her.

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