“Dad?” Trishia was shocked seeing Sen. Meyer enter her room for the first time after the incident. If it wasn’t for her mother who always convinced him to accept her again, she would be left nowhere. Winston, the only man who was willing to wait for her and accept her whenever she felt like an outcast and abandoned by everyone was already gone.

That was because of all her love for Bill. She was left with no choice. Winston was her collateral damage. She had to kill Winston so she could save herself and clean her reputation. Now, that she succeeded, she believed that the death of Winston was worth it. In the eyes of many, she saved the life of Adam, the only heir of Sky Corporation. With that, the Sky family was indebted to her for the rest of their life.

“What are you doing, Trishia?” Sen. Meyer walked closer to her bed. He was carrying the heaviest atmosphere. His eyes were furious and carried serious madness. One could easily tell that he was unhappy with something.

“Dad,” Trishia quickly sat up and fixed herself. The doctor had discharged her but her wound was still aching so bad and moving for her was still painful. With Sen. Meyer’s question, she could already sense that she was pointing at something. “I’m resting, dad.” She answered him literally.

“Huh!” Sen. Meyer mockingly scoffed. “I didn’t feed you and throw my money to you if you are just going to lay there and doing nothing!” Sen. Meyer’s voice got louder with insults. An extreme tension suddenly filled the air.

“I’m sorry, dad.” Trishia quickly answered. Sen. Meyer gave her everything even if he was not her biological father. In the eyes of many, he was a good father, a loving husband, and a perfect family man. When he entered his political career, Trishia was introduced as his only daughter. The deep secret was kept inside the family and was guarded well otherwise their family reputation would be ruined and Sen. Meyer’s political career would be over.

“Sorry?” Sen. Meyer’s two hands were on his waist as he frowned unpleasingly. “Ever since, you are the dumbest person I know. “Sen. Meyer remarked harshly.

Trishia’s cold sweat came out due to his father’s words. She always heard harsh words from him but she was still not used to it. It seemed she was not going to get used to it all her life. When she was just a kid, she kept on hearing all his painful words almost every day but she had no time to cry over spilled milk. Without Sen. Meyer, she wouldn’t have a good life. She would not taste the luxurious lifestyle and most importantly, she would not be able to meet Bill Sky.

“Get up and prove me your worth!” Sen. Meyer ordered indignantly. He invested in her so she had to work to return and gain profit through Trishia.

“I will. I will, dad.” Trishia answered with a staggering voice. She always wanted him to be proud of her but that never happened even if she won many awards in the entertainment industry. He never did. She tried hard to be a good daughter but Sen. Meyer only saw her as an investment.

His investment.

The only thing that she could prove herself to him is to marry Bill Sky.

The one and only Bill Sky.

“Don’t make me wait Trishia or you will regret it.” Sen. Meyer’s fierce eyes buried on hers. They were carrying danger.

“I promise dad.” Trishia knew what he wanted to hear.

“You better be.” Sen. Meyer cooed sternly and glared her daggers before he went out slamming the door.

Trishia was left blank. Marrying Bill was his father and her greatest dream.

She tried to pull herself together before thinking of a good plan. She had to get Bill in her hand by any means. Then, she smiled meaningfully.

F City.

“Thank you, mom.” Adam was hugging Arabella to sleep.

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