Winner Takes All

Chapter608 Living Like a Dog


The water dripped onto the ground and reverberated in the darkness.

Darkness, narrowness, depression.

Those were Jack Hughes’s feeling about surroundings.

He just woke up, he could still feel the pain in the back of his neck, which was extremely uncomfortable.

But at this moment, he gritted his teeth and resisted fear to force himself to calm down.

It was just that ticking noise made him cannot be completely peaceful.

When a person was in the dark, all senses would be amplified and became sensitive and suspicious.

The only thing Jack could do at this time was to restrain the expansion of fear in his heart, to try not to make a sound and to force himself to sort his mind.

He could feel that he was lying on the ground, the floor was freezing cold even with several streams of water right beneath him, which made his body even more sticky and uncomfortable.

His hands were tied backwards. It would cause a sharp pain even with the slightest wrists twisting so that Jack knew they did not use a hemp rope, but something like a hard steel wire to tie him up.

He was curled up on the ground like dried shrimps with his hands tied behind his back. He was unable to move.

Only with one doubt...Where was he now?

In the darkness, Jack's eye-sight flickered, and he kept adjusting his breathing, trying to sweep the messy thoughts and fears in his heart.

Brent had told him that only in calmness could you find the flaws and come back to life in desperate situations.

So he kept still, even when he adjusted his breathing. He could only dare to make his breathe nice and soft without a gasp.

The only thing he could do now was to wait!

Waiting for the flaws to show up.

"Fortunately, they thought I was disabled, so they didn't tie my legs. This gave me the advantage to fight."

This was what Jack thought.

It was also the only thing he could rely on at this time.

The long-term and unremitting super-intensity physical training allowed his physical capability to reach a level that even Brent could be amazed.

It was not difficult for Jack to control the enemy with his legs!

In the darkness, the sound of "tick...tick..." was never cutting off from beginning.

Just being in the darkness made Jack feel that time flied so slowly.

Even...under the disturbance of the dripping water, it was hard for him to calculate the time accurately, by which the concept of time became a blur.

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