Winner Takes All

Chapter 609 The Twelve Golden Guards

Staring at the person in front of Jack.

Jack partially leaned on the wall, his right hand tightly covered his chest.

His kick just now made Jack feel as if his chest was going to explode.

He was very skilled!

With just one kick, Jack also instantly had a grasp of the strength of the person in front of him.

Although that person was going for an ambush just now.

Usually Jack could react even if he was ambushed when he was focused.

The kick gave no time to react, this person in front of him was at least on the same level as Brent.


The man who was subdued by Jack just then hurriedly got up and said in a panic, “This dude is totally different from what we got from our intelligence, his legs are not crippled.”

“Well, that surprised me.” The man who kicked Jack said in a deep voice.

With that, he stepped towards Jack.

As the distances drew closer, the bright light was not focused on him anymore.

His appearance was gradually clearer to Jack. The person was no weaker than Brent. His body was like a pagoda, with a square face and thick eyebrows. His stare was fierce, and his hair was upside-down like steel needles,

The oppression feeling the person radiated, made no one dare to stare at him.

If he were to be compared to Brent, there wouldn’t be a clear winner.

The tense feeling had made Jack’s throat stiff.

The person stepped in front of Jack, the way he walked, and his moves were calm and unhurried.

Follow by that, the man extended his right hand and revealed a smile, “I’ll introduce myself; my name is Achilles White.”

“The infamous General Achilles White?”

Jack smiled, propped his hands on the ground to sit up straight. His right hand reached out for a shake. But just he was about to speak.

“I know all your details.”

Achilles spoke in a stone-cold tone, he frowned and showed displeasure, “But I do not like how you compared me with that ancient bloodthirsty murderer.”

smile, “Because… the number of people I killed are far away behind him. I

felt the tense oppression from


and neck to Brent, with addition of numerous henchmen

his own legs jokingly, “So you know my legs are

Achilles was speechless.

Suddenly his eyebrows frowned.

made him

grabbed at Jack’s shirt,

didn’t resist instead letting Achilles grabbed him. His eyes shone as he stared

actually curious about

carjacking in just a dozen seconds and have a highly cooperative and speedy carjacking. Also, every individual has enormous strength,

laughter echoed

cooperated and executed the carjacking. This was probably the best

mercenaries attacked TM

importantly, every individual

skills were learned from Brent. He knew Brent

off by mere seven men. Which meant that those seven men’s strength

hearing what

a short flashback of surprise in front

by Jack that was very close to him, which proved Jack’s assumption.

killed three of

were like bonfire filled

Then you guys

heartily, “Seven men surrounded Brent, only three was killed by him. You should be proud of

trembled, swiftly raised his right fist, “Bang” his fist


metal plate and gave out a

even flinch, not even blinking. He just stared at

Jack’s ear. The strong fist made a shock

be on

“Come out here!”

coldly. He got up swiftly, turned

and violently dragged Jack to stand up, then he stood

of pain made him difficult to breath. He felt as if his lungs were

spotlight shone upon

Only after adapting to the light level did

confined empty place, like an

was very thick and not far from him there was a pile of scrap metal. It

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