Winner Takes All

Chapter 607 Being Kidnapped

When Brent warned him,

Jack narrowed his eyes, with full of coldness.

Through the windshield in front of the car, he could see a BMW X5 parked in front of Rolls Royce, but the impact just now was caused by rear end collision!

Rolls Royce was trapped on the road by a precise and tacit attack.

This… was premeditated!

Almost at the same time,

There were seven masked people got out of BMW X5.

There was sound of opening the door from the car behind Rolls Royce.

A dozen people rushed to Rolls Royce in a flash.

Brent was about to open the door and rush down.

But those masked people rushed over first, and kicked the door hard, making the door shut heavily.

Brent pushed the door with his hands, struggling to open it.

Then, some people also rushed to the driver’s door and blocked it.

In the blink of an eye,

The passenger doors were roughly pulled open.

Jack looked gloomy, clenched his fists with blue veins standing out, and was about to hit.

But, a dagger reflecting the cold light touched his throat.

"Don’t move!"

There was a cold voice.

How fast!

Jack was shocked.

With his ability, even if he was bound, he would not put himself in danger before the others could harm him.

The masked man was professionally trained.

In a flash, the idea came to Jack.

Without waiting for Jack to respond, the masked man in front of him grabbed Jack’s clothes and dragged him out of Rolls Royce.

Then two more people quickly stepped forward and lifted the wheelchair down.

Jack’s expression was indifferent, his eyes cold, but he didn’t panic at all.

Jack clenched his fists and resisted the impulse to hit people.

At this moment, he suddenly understood what that mysterious man’s reminder meant!

and kidnapping, all of these happened too fast,

"Take him away!"

man with the dagger


severe blow

him threw Jack directly into the wheelchair and headed for

"Young master!"

in the driver’s seat was shocked and



heavy door instantly deformed, and the strength directly made several men

getting off the

around him. With scarlet eyes, like a mountain,


had just made a move when there was a sharp

Brent retreated

dagger reflecting cold

hole in the roof of Rolls



In a short time,

just been knocked down by Brent rushed to

The situation was tense.


the attack of the seven men and kept watching Jack, who fainted and was put on the

moment, Brent’s eyes widened to the extreme. He desperately wanted to break through

that, with his skill, he was trapped

waved his fists and feet, these seven people surrounded him all the time, making it impossible for him

"Young master…"

Brent’s eyes were full of

he hit a man in

he continued

dagger reflected the cold light again, and Brent immediately felt a strong sense of




into Brent’s right shoulder and blood


in a coma had been carried into the car by several masked men. The car roared, reversing quickly, and drove down the mountain at a very fast

"Young master…"

as he watched the car leave at such

flowing from the body along the dagger, dripped down to the ground, and

away, all kinds of emotions came together

Next second,

roar echoing through

hand and pulled out


of death. Like a tiger in the sheep, he rushed

The daggers swung fast.


masked men attacked each other

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