"I think we need to tell Jane the truth."

Pearl opposed cheating Jane. Jane had to prepare for this.

"Jane, I'm sorry for lying. It hasn't been three months," Robert said dejectedly.

Because Pearl was crying, Robert was afraid. Therefore, he deliberately said there were three months of rest.

"One month is enough. During this month, we can do many things."

Pearl said that to comfort Jane.

"Not even a month."

Robert shook his head. Even a month was a lie.

Pearl's expression suddenly changed, and she asked with a pale face, "What do you mean?"

"Not a month, only a few days or even shorter."

Charlee had begun to have symptoms of unconsciousness, and it was a death signal.

Robert apologized. He did lie, even though it was a white lie.

Pearl's heart sank. She held back her tears and glanced at Jane. She was so sad even though she was just a fan of respect for her idol. As Charlee's daughter, Jane must be much sorrowful about it.

Jane sat on a chair and forced herself to calm down.

After hearing a series of bad news, she couldn't take it and didn't have time to accept it.

Jane snapped out of her daze and dialed William's phone number.

"Hello, the phone you have dialed has been turned off..."

William's phone turned off again.

Recently, he was inspecting the projects of the underwater hotel and rarely came back. So he was usually in a state of disappearance.

His family knew he was busy and protected Jane even more.

Unknowingly, it was already dark.

Pearl asked the housekeeper to bring the food and put it on the table, seeing that Jane was still in a daze.