Time Travel to Become Your Sweetheart

Chapter 222 Legacy Distribution

Jane walked out of the ward in a daze, only sighing that life was full of fright.

A respected senior was actually her biological father. She only wanted to be quiet now.

"Jane, Pearl is still crying."

Robert came to the ward and saw Jane walk out of the ward in a daze.

Well, another fan.

"How is he?"

Jane put the paternity test in her bag and asked, pretending to be calm. She had an answer in her heart, but was just urgent to confirm it.

"Jane, the boss is not in City J. You have to keep your emotions stable."

Robert shook his head. He could not hide Charlee's illness and could only tell the truth.

Charlee suffered brain cancer and was already at the late stage, unable to have operations. His vision was already affected.

"There is no good way. He could live only another one month to three months at most."

Robert's tone was heavy. He said to Pearl that there was still about a month left. So she was very sad and cried hard.

Seeing Jane, Robert decided to add some time to his original conclusion.

"So that's how it is."

From one month to three months, was there any difference? Anyway, it was very short.

Jane could not resonate with the female lead's biological father Charlee, but seeing a respected senior about to leave, she felt heavy.

She did not want to know about the grudge between the female lead's mother and Charlee, but if he was her father, she wanted to spend the last of the time with him.

"Robert, does he really only have a few months?"

Jane went to Robert's office with a serious expression.

Now that medical technology is quite advanced, is there no capable person? Even if it can't be completely cured, continuing life is fine.

As his life began to count down, he could only spend the remaining time on the hospital bed. Jane had no idea what to do.