Time Travel to Become Your Sweetheart

Chapter 224 When It Rains, It Pours

The rain continued, and around the cemetery, there were wildflowers and weeds full of nature.

Jane took a deep breath and turned around, "If you have something to say, just say it."

She was a few callous about everything.

Jane did not know why it was like this. She still remembered that when she had been kidnapped, she had such a strong will to survive.

She thought that if she was kidnapped, the only reason she longed to escape was the baby in her belly.

Other than that, there was none.

She didn't dare to watch the news. She was afraid that she would receive bad news. Her heart was full of anticipation, and she spent every minute and every second in torment.

"I will take care of you if you do not object."

Randy looked seriously at Jane, saying every word clearly.

'William would not come back. It has been a long time since he disappeared, and everybody knew something bad had happened to him.'

He and Charlee were old friends, and when Charlee talked about his experiences, he did not expect Jane to be Charlee's daughter.

"Charlee thought you had a lousy life after you married William. Did you know that he wanted me to save you from the Duncans?"

Randy turned to look at Jane. Half a year ago, his mind was completely different.

He thought Jane was just a silly crush, and he wanted to use her. While he found out that he liked her, and he stopped all his tricks.

Indeed, he still wanted to get close to her, but he did not hope to use any tricks.

William is a cold-blooded man. He has no sense of love. If he were willing to give the Clark family a chance to seek more funds, his father, Nelson, would not have to die.

Thinking back to these years, he had been adopted, got plastic surgery, and became a famous person. Now, he was about to succeed soon.

The Duncan Group's share prices fell Because of Randy's tricks. He wanted to drive the Duncan Group bankrupt.

In the past, the Clark family went bankrupt, which destroyed the family. Randy wanted to see the Duncans getting their comeuppance.

As for Jane, Randy planned to capture her.

"Thank you. But I was doing well and did not want to leave my loved ones."