Chrissy POV

I just hope they could fixed things it has been to long. I would locked them up myself if they won't going to fix things things can go on like this. I walk into my room finding a angry Jackie sitting on my bed looking at me.

"I don't have time for this please just go back to your room." I told her closing the door.

"So you would force Lucia to go and make up with Brenda a but you angry with me."

"What should I do huh how could you let Brenda a do that huh after everything we being through."

"I'm sorry and it's not what you think I have explained everything to you so please can we just forget about everything because Lucia is already fixing things with her mate. She said walking up to me.

" I don't know Jackie really I just can't. "I said but she grabbed me and kiss the hell out of me making me into the kiss as she took this chance to press her tongue into my mouth as she hold me tight against her. She is strong I couldn't stop her nor I couldn't lget myself out of her hold as I start to kiss her back as our tongues collide hearing her growl. I'm not going to make her top tonight I'm still angry with her.

She pick me up as I put my legs around her waist making her growl as  I grind myself against her stomach. She grabbed my ass making me moan by how hard she hold on to it as she squeeze me against  her stomach. "jackie." I moan out as I try to het rid of this t-shirt she had on hearing her giggle.

it down from my ass she put me down on the bed. She pull the shorts down and pull it out from my feets leaving me only in my wet pantues and my sleep fest we didn't share any words as we just look into each other's eyes letting out bodies speak for us. I pull my fest above my head laying half naked on the bed waiting for Jacky who undress herself seeing ehr stand in all her

felt her onto me as she straddling me feeling ehr cold body against my warm body making me moan as she kiss me down on my neck so soft like she was scared not to hurt me. Her hands caressing my waits while I out my tmlwgs around wauts as I felt her push up my

I stop her  and flip us over as I lay into her hearing her growl. I push her down kissing on her soft lips hearing her moan

this because in still angry with you and this

with so much love as she caressing my cheek but I would feel her claws prick now and then into my skin making me moan when i suck on her soft spot making me smile when having her like this under me. I like the way how she

tight on my hair with her nipple in my mouth. I press my knee on her wet flower caressing it sofly making me moan

flower seeing how her white semen flowing out her beautiful pussy giving me a hard throbbing

cold wet flower feeling her shiver under my touch

yes." she moan out with her hand tangled in my hair.

Ahh fuck Chris's yes please."I Iike it when I heard her call my name like that but I couldn't control the list down there and I need her to touch me but I couldn't leave her like this I need her to come and

me please. "she beg as I just suck down hard and lick on her hard clit.

Ahh fuck yes fuck

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