Lucia's POV

"Please just do it for us even for LJ and the baby Lucia things can go on like this. " Chrissy said as she climb into the bed next LJ.

"Why should I try why should I ask forgiveness did you forget what I'm going through? I ask looking at her over LJ shoulders.

"Mommy Lucia please it's not nice seeing you two fight." she said with her small hands on my stomach.

"Baby girl but...

"But what Lucia huh but what, look what's going on in here we all are unhappy when did we have a lovely dinner or breakfast mmm since your kidnapping all our joy was taking with you and now that you back things is still the same because why the king and queen are not on good terms please just go and talk things out with brenda please we need you to bring back the joy that was in this house do it for Mr Swartz and Mrs Swartz."she said looking at me.

I thought about everything she just said making me sight as I felt bad about everything. Is it about me did I brought sadness to this house or is it because all the fight between me and Brenda . Tears started to roll down my face as I thing about everything the joy we shared and love did I took it all away. I just couldn't understand where things come to this where did it all started and why us why this family. Is it really because of me.

didn't mean to bring sadness into this family maybe I don't belong here. "I said feeling LJ move as she

what you believe yes I know it's hard my dear friend but Brenda needs you we need you and your baby needs you more

power, they kidnapped you because they wanted to hurt Brenda and the family do you know why? she asked shaking me to look at

away from my face but I slap her hand away from me

why lu." she spoke trying to pull my arm away from my face making me growl. I move my arm away from my face when I felt her hands on my waits as she started to tickling me as I try to wiggle myself out of her grip but I couldn't because LJ was also helping her making me laugh even thou I didn't want to but just hearing them

fast on they arms and push them down the bed with me straddling

chrissy said making me laugh as I start to tickling her back hearing her

you not help me from your evil mom? she ask LJ who climb off from

me laugh as I speed up to her and pick up into my arms hearing her scream not

I asked her

my heart to hear laugh like that. I hug her so hard and walk up to

could see it they we're there for me through my darkness days and I'm really grateful for them. There was days

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