I watched her put something on the dildo as I gulp feeling more and more aroused hearing her growl so hard making me smile as I look deep into her beautiful red eyes. "I'm just putting on just some lube baby girl." she said putting down the bottle and speed back over me straddling me making moan feeling the dildo that's the Same size as a guy's between my tights

Her lips find mine as she as we kiss like there's no tommorw. I was so needy but somehow so scared but I trust her feeling her bit on my lips making me moan "Ahh ahh!

" Please Jacky. " I breathe as she sucks down on my neck growling. I try to move closer to the dildo but she hold me back so tight grolwing at me. She lift her leg and press her knee down on my sensitive flower making me so hard as I arch my back and grind against to get some relief feeling making me cried out for her to fuck me already.

"Ahh, ahh fuck ahh please!

A lump sit down on my throat as I close my eyes shut feeling her move and put the strap down on flower gate  giving me a feeling I couldn't describe. I try to push her down as I hold on her back with nails down in her flesh as she look down at me.

"I need you to wait because I don't want to hurt you." she told me looking deep in my eyes. She take my hands and shove it above my head as my eyes widen in shock by this seeing her smirk at me. "you so needy so I need you to be still." she said.

I felt the strap down on my entrance I close my eyes throwing my head back a little feeling her attach our lips together smoothly as she press down the strap making me gulp as a moan flew out from my mouth.

" Ahh." she moves her hands  down on my tights as I open my tights wide for her putting it around her waits feeling her thrust slowly down on my entrance closing my eyes shut as I wait for her to put in.

"I want to see your eyes because I need to know if I'm hurting you. "she said as I open my eyes and look at her.

little more making me gulp so hard

ahh yes fuck me!

smiling down at me as she losen my hands and find my waits as she puts my legs around her waits making me main feeling the movement of the strap

feeling as I grabbed in her hips to push her more into me hearing

God Jacky ahh!

"she moan out my name as I hold tight on her back feeling my nails orick onto her skin hearing her moan

body as she moves up and down to thrust into me hearing her moan so hard

of my hands when I felt her claws prick down in tigths making me moan out by the feeling but it's so hard in my tights as I cry out but I still couldn't stop the pleasure feeling running down my body but I couldn't control the feeling on my tights by her claws

the blood running down my tights hearing her growl as she look at me with her beautiful blue

I'm so sorry she said biting down in her wrist and bring to my mouth. "Drink." she said as i put my lips on her  wrist with a frown on my face, please you need to drink. "she spoke with a sadness on her face making me feel so bad about

and feeling the taste of blood running down my tongue as I felt her move still with the strap deep in making moan out. She moves to get withdraw the strap from but I would get a feeling which I don't want her to stop because I didn't came yet I want to came so badly. She moves her hand from my mouth seeing how the prints of her claws in my tights

on the

okay you didn't mean it. "I told her  as she withdraw the strap slowly out of me but I stop her by pushing her back down on

looking at me with one

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