The convenient Bride

Chapter 239: I'm Trying to Snatch Your Boyfriend away

Hearing that, the girl said happily, "Then, let's get a set meal for lovers."


Set meal for lovers?!


The corners of Payton's eyes twitched. "This is inappropriate."


"What's wrong? After today, we will be lovers anyway."


The girl looked at him shyly, showing her coquettish demeanor.


Payton was speechless. How could she be so confident to believe that they would become lovers?


Did she ask him about his opinion?


"Miss Wiggins, actually I..."


Payton wanted to explain, but she interrupted him, "Just call me Sienna. Don't be so distant."


After saying that, she lowered her head in bashfulness.


Payton was so depressed that he didn't even want to talk.


Compared with such a shallow woman, Juliet's straightforward personality was more pleasing.


He did not ask for her opinion anymore, and directly said to the waiter, "Any set meal, except for the lover set meal, thank you!"


"Payton..." Sienna raised her head and looked at him in surprise. "I want a lover set meal!”


Payton ignored it and put away the menus on the table and handed them to the waiter.


"Don't listen to him. A lover set meal, the most expensive one."


Sienna did not understand why he suddenly became like this, but she did not want to compromise.


The waiter didn't know who to listen to, so he looked awkwardly at Payton and then at Sienna.


Payton took a deep breath and smiled gently at her. "Sienna, after we become lovers, we can have the lover set meal. After all, today is the first time we meet. It's really improper to order the lover set meal."