The convenient Bride

Chapter 240: Of Course I Like You the Most

Payton's eyes widened as he felt hot on his lips.


Was she crazy?!


Juliet just lightly touched his lips. Then, she turned to look at Sienna, who was obviously stunned by her actions.


She pursed her lips, feeling a little disappointed. She thought that this girl would overreact when she saw her kiss Payton.


She did, but she was just petrified and didn't have any other reactions.




Thus, she looked at Payton and found that he was looking at her with a meaningful gaze.


She felt inexplicably guilty and coughed, "Don't overthink. I didn't kiss you to show my affection to you."


There seemed to be emotions surging in her eyes, but it quickly disappeared.


Payton said calmly, "I didn't overthink."


Juliet frowned. Why did she feel that his explanation gave himself away?


"You better do." She narrowed her eyes and sneered, "If you dare to trick me, you will have to bear the consequences."


Looking at her displeased expression, Payton frowned, “Actually...”


Just as he was about to explain, he suddenly saw Sienna pick up a goblet and throw it at Juliet. His expression changed and he subconsciously pulled Juliet into his embrace.


Juliet cried out. In a daze, she was hugged tightly in his arms.