The convenient Bride

Chapter 238: Who Is That Woman?

Yunis arrived at the Tang Group in time, intending to take the new chairman, Rorey, home.


Unexpectedly, he saw Rorey sitting on the ground at the entrance of the building.


He was astounded, and then quickly walked forward.




Rorey was just about to stand up when she heard a familiar voice. She immediately sat back on the ground and raised her head to look at the approaching person.


"Yunis." She cried pitifully with her mouth pouted.


"What's going on?" Yunis wasn't in a hurry to get her up. Instead, he frowned and looked down at her.


Seeing that he didn't help her but questioned her, Rorey felt a little unhappy.


Her eyes carried sadness as she stretched out her hand. "Yunis, you have to help me up before I can explain it clearly."


Her coquettish voice had a trace of dissatisfaction in it.


Yunis’ eyes lit up as he covered up the gloom in his eyes and helped her up.


After standing firmly, Rorey rid the dust off her body and casually said, "Rosiley won."


"What?" Yunis’ eyes widened as he grabbed her arm and harshly questioned, "What exactly is going on? Didn't you say that you would definitely win?"


Rorey looked up at his handsome face that was twisted from anger. His eyes were so cold that she could not find any sign of warmth.

She couldn't help feeling sad.


"Do you think Yunis still loves you? No, he's tired of you. Otherwise, he wouldn't have sex with me."


Hazel's complacent voice rang in her ears. She stared at the familiar yet unfamiliar face. Instead of answering, she asked, "Yunis, will you marry me?"


Perhaps he didn't expect her to ask such a question, Yunis was obviously surprised. He slowly let go of his hand that was pinching her arm. He didn't directly give an answer, but said, "It's not the time for this."