The convenient Bride

Chapter 237: He Truly Loves Her

"Who are you? Why are you here?"


Rogelio’s anxious voice sounded outside the door. Rosiley and Sachin looked at each other and Rosiley said, "Sachin, go take a look, in case Rogelio misunderstands.’


When Rogelio and the doctor arrived at the ward, they saw an unfamiliar man standing at the door. They were shocked and thought that something had happened to Rosiley, so they quickly walked over.


As soon as Rogelio approached, he questioned the man.


The strange man, Lane, was dumbfounded. Seeing that the old man questioned him like this, he must have treated him as a bad guy.


So he explained, "Sir, I'm not a bad person. I just..."


Before he could finish, the door behind him was opened. He turned around and saw Sachin walk out. It was as if he saw a savior, he hurriedly said, "President, explain to this old man that I am not a bad person."


Sachin looked at the helpless Lane and then at Rogelio.


Rogelio also stared at him, and his brows were knitted tightly. Why did this person look so familiar?


Afterwards, his eyes suddenly widened. Wasnt this person ... Wasn't he...


Seeing Rogelio's surprise, Sachin smiled and said calmly, "Yes, I am Sachin."


It was really him!


Apart from being shocked, Rogelio was also puzzled. He was wondering why Sachin was here.


He looked at the ward, then looked at Sachin, and asked tentatively, "Are you here for Rosiley?"


"Yeah." Sachin nodded.


Rogelio raised his eyebrows and looked at Sachin with scrutiny.


He found it strange that Sachin had agreed to cooperate with the Tang Group, after all, how could a group as big as REG 

work with Tang Group?


However, from the looks of it, the reason was complicated.