The convenient Bride

Chapter 226: You Are Such a Good Match

After hearing what Rorey said, Rosiley's expression changed slightly. "Did you meet Rogelio?" she asked.


"Of course.” This time, Rorey did not conceal her ambitions at all. "Since I want the position of chairman of the Tang Group, I will fight for everything that benefits me," she said.


Indeed, Rosiley was late.


Rosiley took a deep breath and said, "Rogelio said that he won't support anyone. Could he be lying to me?"


She said so only to sound out her confidence, but she didn't expect that it would work.


Hearing her question, a trace of diffidence showed on Rorey's face, and Rosiley quickly noticed it.


Rosiley felt relieved and said, "It seems that Rogelio doesn't agree to support you.”


"Yes, he will support me.” Rorey looked a little anxious and uneasy. Because Rogelio was very important to both her and Rosiley, she couldn't lose to Rosiley no matter what.


Rosiley chuckled, saying, "Then I'm looking forward to the result of the shareholders’ meeting.”


After she finished speaking, she turned around, and the smile on her face instantly subsided. Her eyes were firm with confidence. She would not give up on Rogelio's ballot.


"Payton, could you please do me a favor?"


"Of course." Payton turned his head to look at Rorey and Yunis, with his black eyes filled with ruthlessness. "Even if you want me to kill them, I won't hesitate,” he said.


Hearing this, Rosiley stopped and turned her head to look at him helplessly, saying, "We are law-abiding people. We can't kill a person.’


Payton shrugged his shoulders and said innocently, "I'm just joking. It's a metaphor."


If he was asked to kill someone, he wouldn't be able to do it.


So, it was a joke.


Rosiley sighed and walked forward.


"Find someone to keep an eye on Rogelio. I want to know his schedule."