The convenient Bride

Chapter 227: But I Have You with Me

After lunchtime, there were fewer people in the company cafeteria, with only a few people sitting at tables.


Rosiley and the others sat at a table in the corner. As long as they did not deliberately look this way, no one would notice that Mr. Payton was also eating here.


Therefore, no one would bother them.


"Rosiley, what do you plan to do now?" Yayoi asked with concern.


The shareholders’ meeting this time was very important to Rosiley. Everyone was worried about her.


"I've already asked Payton to help me find someone to keep an eye on Rogelio. At that time, I will naturally have a way to deal with it.”


Unlike others, Rosiley looked calm and confident.


"What way?" Juliet asked curiously.


Rosiley smiled and said, "You will know soon."


Juliet was disappointed, saying, “I'm too curious."


Yayoi couldn't help but laugh and said, "Take it easy. The shareholders’ meeting is in only 3 days."


It was coming soon.


Although Rosiley was confident, Yayoi was still very worried.


"Rosiley, can you really solve this? If you can't, you can ask Mr. Payton to help you."


With Mr. Payton's ability, this small problem should be easily resolved.


"No need,’ Rosiley smiled and shook her head, saying, "I can handle it, so I don't want to cause him any trouble. And he has already done a lot for me."


He bought a lot of her shares.


Knowing her stubbornness, Yayoi did not say anything else.