The convenient Bride

Chapter 225: Hatred Surged Through Her

"Even if Sasha can make this dish with a similar taste, I still don't like it. After all, it's not cooked by my mom."


This was Sachin's explanation of her doubts.


"But if you cook this dish for me, I will like it very much."


At the same time, he stated that she was the special one to him.


Since he loved Rosiley whole-heartedly, he loved everything about her.


Rumors had been flying around lately. All the employees of the Tang Group were discussing who would be the new chairman of the board of directors.


Some people said that Rorey held the most shares, and this position was most likely hers.


Some other people said that Rosiley had secretly purchased the shares of other shareholders at a high price. She attempted to turn the tide at the shareholders’ meeting.


However, most of the employees were in favor of Rosiley, the proper successor of the Tang family.


After the previous chairman suffered a stroke and was hospitalized, Xenia and Rorey couldn't wait to interfere in the group's affairs. It was beyond doubt that they intended to take control of the entire Tang Group.


Everyone knew that they were up to no good!


Therefore, it was no wonder that most employees were on Rosiley's side. They looked forward to the real heir of the Tang family winning the chairmanship at the shareholders’ meeting.


Although they placed high expectations on her, Rosiley was quite uneasy.


Due to the serious injuries on Rorey's face, the shareholders’ meeting was postponed. However, as soon as Rorey got better, she immediately proposed to convene the meeting.


Although Sachin and Payton had taken action, Rosiley was worried that she wouldn't be well-prepared before the meeting. If she failed, the Tang Group would fall into the hands of Xenia and Rorey.


If that took place, how would she explain to her father after he woke up?