The convenient Bride

Chapter 191: I Cheat Death

The door to the office was pushed open from outside. Rosiley walked in.




Seeing her, Maddox almost cried out in alarm. Luckily, he reacted and changed his words in time, "Ms. Rosiley, why are you here?"


Rosiley walked over and smiled at Maddox. She glanced at Rorey and faked a smile, "I heard that someone came to cause trouble, so I come over to take a look."


Rorey turned around and stared at Rosiley.


Meeting enemies opened old wounds. Rorey and Rosiley were like that.


Rosiley could see the hatred in Rorey's eyes clearly. If Rorey had a knife, Rorey would kill Rosiley without hesitation.


Rorey did not look well. She had always liked to wear heavy makeup, but she had not put on any makeup today. Her face was especially pale, and her lips too. She looked a few years older.


This was something that Rosiley could not imagine.


Originally, Rosiley thought that Rorey didn't have any feelings for the baby because she could even take advantage of her baby, but it seemed that Rosiley was wrong.


Rosiley looked at Rorey's belly unconsciously. Rosiley felt sorry and guilt for Rorey.


‘Rorey is right. I'm indirectly responsible for the loss of her baby.


Rosiley pursed her lips and took a deep breath. Then she looked at Rorey calmly and said, "I apologize to you for the baby.”


Hearing her words, Rorey was surprised for a moment. She snorted coldly, "Rosiley, don't pretend to be kind. You must be the happiest one when I lost my baby. You hate me stealing Yunis from you. You think I deserve it.”


"I don't think so." Rosiley shook her head. “Rorey, I'm not you. I don't have such a ruthless heart."


Suddenly, Rorey laughed out loud and looked at her with a sorrowful expression. Her eyes were as cold as the frost in December.


“Rosiley, why didn't I crash you to death at that time?"


Her cold voice was filled with hatred.


Her words shocked the agent and Maddox. In their eyes, Rorey might play tricks, but she would not kill anyone. They never thought that she had ever wanted to kill Rosiley.