The convenient Bride

Chapter 190: She's Once Dumped

Standing in the shadows, Rosiley had just taken a shower. The water from her hair dropped onto her shirt and soaked it. It became translucent. Sachin could see her body vaguely. She was alluring.


Rosiley panicked and explained, "I forgot to bring my pajamas. I'll put on my pajamas."


She turned around and was about to go to the dressing room.


However, he was faster than her. He took a few strides and came to her side. He reached out and hugged her into his embrace forcefully.


She gave a soft cry in a panic. Then his kiss enveloped her...


They had a wonderful time.


Their night had just begun.


They had a wonderful night. Rosiley was so tired that she didn't get up until noon.


When she woke up and saw the time, her eyes widened in fright.


Holy crap! She was late for work!


Without thinking much, she got up, but she went weak at the knees. She almost fell back into bed.


She recalled what happened last night. Her face burned. She whispered, "He's shameless!"


Sachin was sitting in a meeting room. He was not as cold as usual. He was gentler with a smile.


Everyone present was confused.


Was Sachin sick?


Only Lane knew why.


There was only one person who could make Sachin so weird.