The convenient Bride

Chapter 192: Must Have the Operation

It hurt.


It really hurt.


Rosiley heard Rorey's crazy shouts, Maddox's angry roars and Yayoi's shouts.


Rosiley hugged her belly and squatted down slowly against the table.


The pain spread out from her belly to her whole body little by little. She felt achy all over.


She couldn't help but tremble and shed tears. It hurt. It really hurt.


“Rosiley, what's wrong?"


Yayoi ran over, squatted beside her and asked anxiously.


"Yayoi, my belly hurts."


Rosiley looked up and said weakly. Her face was pale.


Yayoi saw her pale face. Yayoi was shocked and she shouted, "Maddox, Rosiley is injured."


"Rosiley, don't be afraid. I'll call the hospital. Don't be afraid.”


She took out her phone with trembling hands and dialed the number for a long time. Finally, a call with the hospital came through.


She cried and told the hospital about the situation of Rosiley and urged them to come.


After hanging up the phone, Yayoi hugged Rosiley's shoulder. Rosiley leaned against Yayoi, who held Rosiley's hands tightly to give her more strength to hold on.


Maddox never hit women, but today he made an exception.


Rosiley was bullied by Rorey. How could he stand by and watch?


After pulling Rorey away, he didn't have the time to care about Rosiley. He slapped Rorey and knocked her to the ground.


Looking at Rorey who was lying motionlessly on the ground, he sneered, "Rorey, don't go too far. If you hadn't had bad intentions, you wouldn't have lost your baby and you wouldn't have been dismissed by the company. You deserve it.”


After he finished speaking, he turned around and saw Rosiley's pale face. He frowned and was worried.