The convenient Bride

Chapter 179: You Must Have Slept with Someone

Seeing Rorey walking over, Payton whispered in Rosiley's ear, "Watch out.”


Rosiley glanced at him and lightly nodded.


With so many people here, Rorey didn't dare to do something to her, but she had to be wary.


With Stacie's help, Rorey slowly walked up to Rosiley. She sized her up and said in a weird tone, "Rosiley, arent you a manager? Why do you run for the news yourself?"


Rosiley sneered. Clearly, it was Rorey who gave her a hard time with Melissa, yet she pretended to be innocent. Why didn't she use her acting skills just now? Or she may become a super star and maybe Oscar-winning actress.


"I had no choice. I had to decline the interview with Alfred and come here for some major star."


Rosiley said with a smile, but if someone looked carefully, he would find a trace of coldness in her.


Of course, Rorey could realize that she was mocking her. She immediately darkened her face and glared at her in gloom. "Rosiley, do you really think you can be safe every time? That's just a fluke."


Hearing that, Payton’s handsome face instantly sank. He glared at Rorey coldly, "OK, super star. Rosiley can be safe every time, but what about you? Please remember what had happened to Clifford."


Everyone in the entertainment industry knew how miserable Clifford was.


So when Payton mentioned Clifford, Rorey shivered with her face pale. But she still pretended to be calm and sneered, "Rosiley, don't tell me that it is you who did it to Clifford. Do you think you have the capacity?"


"You don't need to know if I have the capacity."


A sneer touched the corner of Rosiley's mouth. She leaned forward and whispered to Rorey, "But you have to know what a miserable ending those who provoked me would have. So, Rorey, you can be yourself."


Rorey's face instantly turned as pale as ash. Her hands that were hanging by her side quietly clenched tightly.


Rosiley stepped back and showed a satisfied smile while seeing her pale face.


Who told them to regard her as a sick cat? They had provoked her many times. If she didn't say it out, they would think that it was easy to bully her.


She thought she had made it clear this time. If Rorey continued to be like this, she would have to bear the consequences herself.


“Payton, let's stroll around."