The convenient Bride

Chapter 180: The Evidence for Your Slander

Rosiley didn't know if Emma would take her words in, but it had been the greatest forgiveness she could give.


"Rosiley, Sachin has said that we cannot be soft-hearted towards those who hurt us.”


Payton didn't agree on what she had done to Emma. Although the other party was threatened to do, it would definitely be difficult to deal with her, since she cared about her career so much at such a young age.


"I'm not being soft-hearted. Dealing with Rorey was already troublesome enough. I just don't want to cause more trouble for myself."


She knew she was too merciful. However, after fighting with Rorey and the others, she felt a little tired.


What she wanted currently was to quickly deal with Rorey and the others, and then she could live in peace with Sachin.


Unfortunately that was only in her dream.


There were always people who wanted to trouble her, such as Hazel whom she met the next day.


"Rosiley, why are you here?" Hazel was shocked as if she had seen a ghost.


“Come for news. It was widely said that there will always be headlines in the crew. So, I came for fun.”


Compared to Hazel, Rosiley seemed to be much calmer.


Hazel glanced at Payton with a mocking smile and said, "Miss Rosiley, I have to learn from you.”


Rosiley narrowed her eyes, thinking that what she said next would definitely be extremely unpleasant to hear.


Sure enough, she said slowly, "Miss Rosiley, could you teach me a few tricks to seduce men? I heard that Maddox, the CEO of TEG, is also fascinated by you. You're really amazing."


Rosiley raised the corners of her mouth but with no smile in her eyes, "Of course amazing. Or how could I deal with those who want to hurt me. Right? Super star.”


Hazel's face changed and her tone became even more impolite. "Rosiley, it must be you who hurt Director Angus. That's a crime. When I report it to the police, you won't be so arrogant."


She had formed a grudge with Rosiley because of Yunis. Matters of Manny had caused them to become even more vengeful. How could she let Rosiley go so easily with such heavy resentment?