The convenient Bride

Chapter 178: He Likes You

The weather in the south was changeable. It had just been sunny, but now it was raining cats and dogs.


Sitting by the window of the coffee shop in leisure, Rosiley watched the passersby outside who were hurrying.


Suddenly, a knock disrupted the quietness.


She turned around to see a man wearing a cap and facial mask in front of her.


A brilliant smile appeared on her fair face after a while.


"Mr. Chad.”


As soon as she got off the plane, she received a call from her assistant saying that he wanted to see her.


Since he had saved her, she agreed without hesitation.


“Rosiley, shouldn't you be restrained?"


Hearing that she had agreed to another man's invitation, Payton couldn't help but complain. He continued, "What if Sachin knows?"


Rosiley glanced at him, "Who will know if both you and I keep silent?"


Payton was speechless.


Well, he could keep it a secret. But it didn't mean that the bodyguards who secretly protected them wouldn't tell Sachin.


Acalm and low-profile man. It was Payton's first impression of Bertram.


Bertram was a little surprised to see him. Then, he politely nodded with an aloof and cold expression.


He was not easy to deal with.


This was Payton's second impression of him.


“This is Payton Lu, my brother." Rosiley introduced him.