The convenient Bride

Chapter 158: Afraid of Hurting Her

Putting the water on the table, Yayoi rubbed her aching forehead and walked to Rosiley.


"What did Mr. Shen say?" Yayoi asked.


Rosiley turned to look at her, a hint of interest appearing in her eyes. "Yayoi, are you so concerned about what Maddox said?"


Yayoi looked at her amusedly. "Why do I care about him? I care about you. I want to ask Mr. Shen what he did with Lonny."


"Is that so?" Rosiley raised her eyebrows and smiled. She didn't want to embarrass her and changed the topic. "Lonny's position as deputy manager has been removed."


Seeing that she did not continue to ask about Maddox, Yayoi secretly heaved a sigh of relief. When she heard that Lonny had been removed from her position, she instantly became excited.


"Really? Did he really do that?"


"Of course." Seeing how excited she was, Rosiley couldn't help but laugh and shake her head.


"Now, let's see how she can be such a bully like before!”


As long as she thought about how Lonny had bullied Rosiley as the deputy manager, Yayoi would be furious.


However, she was finally relieved.


"I have another piece of good news for you"




Yayoi looked at Rosiley, puzzled.


“You are going to take over Lonny's position."


Yayoi was surprised. She did not recover for a long time.


Rosiley frowned and waved her hand in front of Yayoi. "Are you alright?"


Suddenly, Yayoi let out a scream. She excitedly grabbed Rosiley's hand and said, "Rosiley, I will be the deputy manager. How unbelievable!"


Rosiley's eyes twitched. She pulled her hand out of Yayoi's and rolled her eyes. "Don't you have any ambitions? Why are you so excited? It's just deputy manager. If you become the general manager, will you go crazy?"


"You don't understand, Rosiley. I always thought that I would only be a small reporter in my life. I never dared to dream of being a deputy manager, a manager or something like that. Because I didn't think such a good thing could happen to me."