The convenient Bride

Chapter 157: Do You Still Want to Talk to Babe?

In the CEO's office.


Maddox looked at the two people standing in front of the table, maintaining a poker face, deep and unfathomable.


His slender fingers tapped the table rhythmically. After a while, he said slowly, "Ms. Luu, do you have anything to say?"


"Mr. Shen, it was not like what Ms. Lina said."


Looking at the handsome man, Lonny forgot to admire his pretty face and hurriedly explained.


Maddox raised his eyebrows. "What was it like?"


"It was that...” Lonny glanced at Lina beside her and looked down to hide the coldness in her eyes. "I accidentally tripped Manager Tang.”


“Accidentally?” Maddox snorted and his face darkened. "Do you think I would believe you?”


"Mr. Shen, I didn't..."


Lonny was about to continue to explain when Maddox raised his hand to stop her. He turned to Lina and said, "Find someone in the Media Department to take over her job, and ask the Personnel Department to pay her salary."


"Yes." Lina replied respectfully.


“Wait a moment!" Upon hearing that she was about to be fired, Lonny was anxious. "Mr. Shen, listen to me. Things were not like that. I was really just careless."


Maddox looked up at her with a mocking smile. "Lonny. If you own up to the things you did, I might think that you are honest at least. Perhaps I can give you another chance for that."


"Mr. Shen, Lonny intentionally harmed her colleagues. TEG can't keep such an employee." Lina frowned and looked at him with disapproval.


A trace of malice flashed through Lonny's eyes. Was Lina deliberately trying to make things difficult for her?


"Mr. Shen. Yes, I did it. But it was only because I was angry at that time. I definitely didn't mean to hurt Ms. Rosiley.”


She admitted it only because what Maddox had said about giving her a chance just now.


She knew what was good for her and didn't want to lose her job.


When Maddox heard it, he smiled enigmatically, "Since you admit it, I'll give you a chance.”


Lonny looked very pleased while Lina was anxious. "Mr. Shen, you...”


Before she could finish her sentence, Maddox raised his hand to stop her. Then he said, "Ms. Lina, choose someone in the Media Department to replace Lonny.’


Lonny's beaming face froze in an instant.


is just an ordinary entertainment reporter from


was quite pleased to see her lose her position


Yayoi from the Media Department has been in the company for a few years. She has a good work


conceal her love


was so smart and


girl? Maddox raised his eyebrows and nodded. "It's up


Shen, I don't


was unwilling to


the deputy manager, Rosiley would be one level above her. Rosiley would definitely give her a


be expelled than


for your mistakes,’ Maddox




her. "Lonny, Mr. Shen has given you a


serious and cold Lina, Lonny


be eager to get rid


the unwillingness and resentment. She tried her best to squeeze out a smile. Looking down, she said pleasantly, "Thank you, Mr.


and then sent them back


Maddox quickly took out his phone and dialed Rosiley's





It was not Rosiley!


was surprised for a


resting. Is there anything I can do for


was still the cold voice without the slightest trace


are you still


Maddox smiled faintly.


He hurriedly took a look at his phone. He


the phone back in his


who are


changed, scaring Maddox so much that he almost threw the


didn't you tell me? What a naughty girl!"


"Maddox, what are you talking about? What naughty


nothing.” Maddox raised his hand to wipe away the sweat that didn't even exist, and


"It's just a scald.”


“Is it serious?"


will be alright after applying some medicine


there be


“The doctor said no."

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