The convenient Bride

Chapter 159: Mr. Shen's Mistress

When a man cooked for you, it meant he really loved you.


Rosiley stood quietly in the dining room. Her gaze fell on the busy tall figure in the kitchen. Her beautiful eyes were filled with affection and tenderness.


He scooped up the soup with a spoon and tasted it. Then, he put the vegetables into the pot neatly.


All those normal movements were so charming in her eyes that she couldn't bear to take her eyes off him.


Perhaps because he noticed her gaze, he suddenly turned back. She was caught and didn't have time to take back the infatuation in her eyes.


They looked at each other quietly. After a long time, a faint smile appeared on his lips. His deep black eyes were filled with affection. "If you're hungry, there's milk in the fridge. You can drink some first."


"Yes." Rosiley nodded willingly.


She took a bottle of milk from the fridge and sat down at the dining table. She drank it while staring at the busy figure in the kitchen.


The air was filled with the smell of porridge, which was especially attractive.


Rosiley couldn't wait any longer.


Putting the milk on the dining table, she got up and walked into the kitchen. Sachin turned around and asked softly, “Are you hungry?"


Rosiley nodded. "Well, the porridge smells so good. I can't stand it anymore.”


Sachin chuckled, then turned around and took out a bowl from the cupboard.


"I'll get you some first.”


Rosiley hurriedly nodded. “Okay, okay.”


The way of her being eager to eat was adorable. Sachin looked at her dotingly.


Under her expectant gaze, he filled half a bowl of porridge and took it to the dining room.


Rosiley pulled out the chair and sat down. She picked up the spoon and started to eat.