The convenient Bride

Chapter 104: Invite Him to Dance

When Payton saw this, he immediately complained to Rosiley, “Rosiley, look, Sachin attracts so many women's attention the moment he appears. You must teach him a good lesson when he comes home.”


“Are you qualified to say that?"


Rosiley rolled her eyes at him and thought to herself, ‘Haven't you just attracted two yourself?’


Payton acted as if nothing had happened. "Why am I not qualified? By contrast, Sachin is obviously more popular than me. I can't figure out what women are thinking about. I am handsome, humorous and easy to get along with. But they don't like me. Instead, they like Sachin who is hard to get along with and keeps a poker face all day long.”


Payton was puzzled by this.


Rosiley couldn't help but feel a little amused, “What's there to be surprised at? What you can't get is always more attractive. In others’ eyes, Sachin is hard to approach and keeps a low profile, so it is easy for him to attract women's curiosity. If a woman can't get him, she can only look up to him. Once she gets him, it is as if she has obtained the entire world. Of course, he's

more attractive to women than you. "


"That's why I said that women's minds are hard to understand.”


Payton curled his lips, but curiosity suddenly arose in his heart, “Is this how you feel about Sachin?”


“Not really. Sachin and I are different.”


"Different? Rosiley, why did you marry Sachin? Did he propose to you? How?” Payton suddenly became interested.




Rosiley shook her head and glanced at Payton, “He didn't propose to me. Instead, I proposed to him."


"What?" Payton stared blankly for a few seconds before widening his eyes in disbelief, "You proposed to him? How is that possible? Is it true?”


“Yes, of course!"


you to propose?"




at that time. I was the one who proposed.


two got married just




for a long time before he regained his senses and muttered, "Sachin is too lucky. I will go to check if I can find a good wife


Rosiley was speechless.


up with


moment, Yayoi suddenly ran towards her


I be?


happened! I just saw Rorey, Hazel and the others have come to chat up with President Lu. Do you want to go over and take


relief before continuing, “There will be a dance session later. Women are eager


her eyebrows, “His partner will only


but aren't you curious about what those three bitches are doing before President


into the crowd without giving the latter any


quickly passed through the banquet hall


this time, there were still many people gathering around


his head and swept his gaze through the crowd. And his gaze


smiled sweetly at


sunshine, attracting the man not far away. His indifferent face suddenly lit up. The corners of his thin lips

at each other, Hazel plucked up courage to walk to Sachin and say to him, “Hello, Mr. Lu. I'm Hazel, an artist from


hear her. Apart from being surprised,


very good reputation in the industry, and the other was the powerful president that everyone admired. Everyone felt that the two of them standing together were very pleasing


number of people were speculating whether


Presumably, no man would refuse


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