The convenient Bride

Chapter 103: The Prince Charming Came

Payton frowned as well. Especially when Manny looked at him with hot gazes, his face was brimming with indifferent coldness. He looked somewhat similar to Sachin.


He didn't say anything, only exchanging a meaningful glance with Rosiley.


The two of them were silent, while Hazel and Manny became rather embarrassed.


There was nothing more embarrassing than asking people questions and not getting a response.


Hazel and Manny had frustrated expressions on their face. However, Manny quickly calmed down. She gave a smile that she thought was charming and said to Payton, “Hello, sir. My name is Manny. You should have heard of me, right? I'm glad to meet you. May I know your name?"


Manny was quite smart. She was showing her glamor with her all coquetry and behavior, attracting many men's attention.


However, Payton didn't even look at her. He said coldly, "I'm not interested.”


Manny's expression froze, as if she was somewhat shocked by his response.


“Well, sir, I don't mean anything else. I just..." she regained her senses and said.


“I'm not interested. Don't you understand me?”


Payton interrupted her impatiently. With his beautiful eyes, he stared at Manny's face. "You're cheap! Stay away from me. I have zero interest in plastic faces.”


Hazel froze.


Rosiley was also shocked.


Although Rosiley knew that Payton had a sharp tongue, she was dumbfounded by his ruthless words.


Manny was also stunned by this vicious remark.


She widened her eyes in disbelief, as if she couldn't believe her ears.