The convenient Bride

Chapter 105:  You Only Belong to Me

However, what everyone was waiting for did not appear. Instead, something unexpected happened that left them dumbfounded.


After staring at Rosiley for a moment, Sachin, who was rather unapproachable with a cold and fierce expression, actually nodded and said, "Alright."


The venue was in an uproar. No one expected this to be so dramatic.


He rejected the famous actress Hazel but accepted an invitation from an unknown woman.


Who was this woman? What was special about her?


The guests couldn't help but cast their gazes at Rosiley and sized her up.


Soon after, someone recognized her. "Oh, it's Rosiley, the reporter that has a good relationship with REG.”


"No wonder President Lu agreed to dance with her. Rosiley is too lucky.”


Many people were whispering, which was so ear-piercing to Hazel.


It was Rosiley again!


“Why does this woman appear wherever she goes?”


Manny's expression was so gloomy that her face was lifeless. She was holding grudges for what had happened before.


"Damn Rosiley, she has a mind of her own!"


Hazel's expression changed dramatically. She clenched her fists tightly, trembling with anger.


She had just lost face and Rosiley couldn't wait to step on it and humiliate her!


"President Lu likes Rosiley, doesn't he?” Rorey asked doubtfully.


illustrious background. For someone like him, the criteria for a spouse should be demanding. Not to mention being a match for each other, at the very least, their status, vision, and professional abilities all have to be on the same level. Rosiley is more

She is asking for the


should we do now? We shouldn't allow her to be so


her a lesson and


to do? Do you


women gathered to think up a


of an eye, it was time


been expecting. Gentlemen with dates, please take your date. Those without dates, please


finished his impassioned speech, the venue rang with


held Rosiley's hand and stepped onto the dance


was slowly flowing in the air. Rosiley’s hand gently placed on Sachin's shoulder. Sachin gently hugged her waist. They looked


at his eyes and carefully looked


but deep within his


rhythm of the music began to become faster, and she was dancing with her high heels to the music vividly, as if it carried magic. Her delicate waist twisted slightly, and her


hand tightly, dancing with her in perfect unison. He touched her


intoxicated, and even fell into a trance for a


they were a perfect match... Their dance was beyond description,

Everyone was surprised.


thinking that it had been a long time since she had such a sweet experience. She wanted to keep it in her memory. Even if she grew old and slow in the future,


if they were dreaming. Thunderous applause once again lingered in the venue for


"You dance well."


commotion, Sachin spoke in a voice


straightened her chest and smiled proudly, "Of course, although the Tang family cannot compare to your family, I have taken etiquette lessons and dance


I wish we can dance more.


sovereignty in an overbearing manner and would not allow others


straightforwardly, “Yes, but to be fair,


was beginning to be very possessive


dance with him.


"It's up to you.”


Then, the two separated and bowed politely to

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