The convenient Bride

Chapter 99: it Will Affect the Touch



Rosiley sneered at her and said, "I'm doing this for you. This annual meeting is very important. If you perform well, you will have a chance to get promoted and make a fortune. Think about it. Last month, I said that I would pull Lonny down from the position of deputy manager. Now I'm one of the deputy managers, the same as her. But obviously, Lina attaches more

importance to me. Didn't you see that Lonny was upset these past few days?”


"I can't deny that, but what does it have to do with the tremendous amount of work you give me?" Yayoi was at a loss.


Rosiley rolled her eyes and glared at her. “Stupid! Even though she's been suppressed by me now, she's still the deputy manager. Are you interested in the position? How about bringing her down? Without Lonny, Rorey will lose someone to work for her. Wouldn't it be more fun?"


Rosiley managed to wheedle her into doing it.


For all that Yayoi knew it, she did not repel it. Instead, her eyes lit up. "It seems ... to be fun."


“Yes. So, you should work hard. Your performance at this annual meeting is of utmost importance. Don't let me down.”


Rosiley patted Yayoi on the shoulder with a serious expression.


Yayoi bobbed her head. With a smile, she said, "Don't worry. The position of deputy manager is mine!"


As the date of the annual meeting approached, the atmosphere within the company became more and more lively. Many employees were secretly discussing the list of guests in the annual meeting.


From their conversation, one could occasionally hear the names of some influential starts, company bosses, and great directors in the entertainment industry...


It had to be said that TEG had invested a lot of money to redeem the damaged image.


However, not long after the heated discussion, someone began to discuss whether REG would send people over.


Speaking of REG, many people's faces were filled with longing. As the leading entertainment company, it was a place that many people dreamed of.


Of course, everyone knew that it was not easy to join this kind of company.