The convenient Bride

Chapter 98: No Way to Act Arrogant

The Ji family was unsettled by Sachin's revenge, but Rosiley had lived a particularly comfortable life with everything provided.


About a week later, the wounds on her body gradually scabbed and fell out. However, due to the large number of wounds, there were still some light scars on her legs and hands.


When she returned to work, Yayoi saw it and couldn't help but curse angrily, “Rorey is really inhuman. How terrible it is to leave scars on your beautiful hands and legs. If it were in ancient times, you were disfigured and no one would marry you."


Rosiley smiled and comforted, “Don't worry. The doctor said that these scars would disappear after a while.”


"That can't offset her evil deeds of intending to kill you! Damn it! Next time I see her, I will definitely cut her face with a knife."


Yayoi was still furious. She clearly remembered how frightened she was when she heard that Rosiley had been in a car accident a few days ago.


Obviously, she had never thought that Rorey would be so vicious.


“Alright, don't be angry. I'm fine now. Also, she has to answer for it. I won't let this matter go like this.”


This time, Rorey not only enraged Sachin, but also her. She would settle this debt with Rorey. If she let it go, her surname would not be Tang.


"Of course! Juliet will be returning home from abroad soon. Just wait. When she comes back, Rorey's good days will be over."




Rosiley's eyes suddenly lit up. "Juliet is coming back?"


"Yes. The foreign business was coming to an end. Furthermore, she also knows what happened between you and Rorey, so she decided to come back."


At this point, memories came back to Yayoi. "Juliet has been gone for three years, right? Good! The three of us can get together again.”


Rosiley couldn't help but smile, "Yes, I miss her. Once Juliet comes back, the life may become more lively."


back, there might be no


to their seats and working. The smile was still lingering on Rosiley's face. Obviously, the news of her good friend returning home had cheered


office and asked with concern,


for your concern, Lina. I'm




fine. You're my right-hand man. If something happens to you, it'll be my loss. What's wrong with Rorey? She has been a troublemaker since she came to the company. I didn't expect that she would be so


you know


little surprised. Few people


"Lasked Yayoi."


the police? It is a


another plan


Lina with a smile but didn't say


didn't elaborate, she didn't ask anything. She just sighed and said, "Well,


she said, "Right, something seems to have happened to the Ji

is it?” Rosiley blinked


heard from friends that the Ji Group seems to be looking for investments everywhere. It's said that they have a project, but for some unknown reason, it was shelved. The previous


have no intention of mentioning it, there was a trace of probing


Lina had guessed that the Ji Group was probably


was capable of it must have a strong and frightening


that Rosiley might have something


was obvious that Rosiley didn't know




moment, Rosiley did not probe into the


background was extraordinary, the Tang Group had always been on good terms with the Ji Group. It was unlikely that it would deliberately target the Ji Group,


this, Lina shook her head and changed the topic. "Let's not talk about this for the time being. Actually, I called you


"What is that?"

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