The convenient Bride

Chapter 100: Adversaries Are Destined to Meet

In the blink of an eye, it was seven oclock in the evening, and TEG's annual party started in full swing.


That night, the venue was magnificent with bright lights, flowers, red wine and pastries. There were etiquette ladies leading the distinguished stars one after another into the venue.


These people included popular actresses, senior actors, and even super-popular celebrities.


Each of them was dressed up in expensive designer clothes, which made them even more dazzling. Every time they showed up, they would attract a lot of attention.


In the crowded hall, all kinds of young talents and beauties in formal dress were holding champagne, chatting and laughing in groups. Judging from their manner, they were not inferior to the upper class.


Rosiley also dressed up tonight.


She looked dignified and elegant with her long hair put up high. Her ears were glittering with earrings, her face was dressed in delicate makeup, and she wore a simple black-and-white dress. She was pure and charming, noble and low-key, contradictory and eye-catching.


The ladies present tonight were competing with each other for beauty of looks. They were sexy, charming, hot, pure and cute ... Although Rosiley was dressed simply, she looked unique for her outstanding temperament.


This could tell from the constant gazes of the people around her.


Some of the men was stunned at her look and were even had the impulse to chat her up.


"There are so many people tonight.”


After going around the venue, Yayoi came to Rosiley in a dress.


Their eyes were fixed on the entrance. Guests kept coming in. lt showed that TEG's connections in the entertainment industry could not be underestimated.


“Yes. There should be enough cameras on the signature wall, right?”


“Yes, I just send two more ... What?"


As Yayoi spoke, her gaze at the entrance to the venue suddenly narrowed. And she let out a surprised word.


When Rosiley heard it, she followed her gaze doubtfully.


Two more figures appeared at the entrance of the venue.


Those were two well-dressed women. They entered the venue one after the other. The one in front wore a deep V-shaped red gown, revealing her front breast. With an attractive waist, she was a sexy beauty.


As for the one behind her, she wore a purple strapless gown with exquisite makeup. The curvaceous figure and seductive face made her a rare beauty.


They were famous actresses in the entertainment industry and were known to be good friends ... Hazel and Manny Qin!


“Adversaries are destined to meet. It's going to be a fun night.”


Rosiley narrowed her eyes with a playful expression.


"If Rorey was present, there would be a bunch of bitches.”


Yayoi also sneered. Because of Rosiley, she shared a bitter hatred of these people.


Rosiley nodded. Just as she was about to speak, she turned her gaze to the door again. “She is here...!"


As soon as she finished, another two figures appeared at the entrance.


The man was as gentle as a jade, and the woman was beautiful and hot. They showed up arm in arm intimately.


They were Rorey and Yunis!


"Seeing so many disgusting faces at once, we don't deserve this.”


Yayoi couldn't help but let out a sigh as her eyes scanned the group of people.


Rosiley was amused by her words and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, we are so poor.”


Yayoi rolled her eyes helplessly. "Forget it. Leave them alone. Let's go over there and eat something. We've been busy all afternoon without having a dinner!"


“Okay, I'm hungry too.”


looked away and left

on them. “Hey, your old love rival is over there. You are in the limelight lately. Why don't you


interested. That woman is


shook her head, showing no interest. In fact, she was


that woman became more difficult to deal with. Hazel was wiser than to take


happened to Rorey was


just a reporter. No matter how capable she is, she won't be


her. “That stupid woman hates Rosiley. Perhaps this party will be


But before that, let's go to greet


towards Yunis. An indescribable infatuation surged




Yunis and Rorey, who had just arrived. The corners


you are here


nodded to Manny


are handsome as usual. No wonder Hazel


teased him jokingly, completely ignoring the presence


slightly, and a trace of


reputation wasn't as good as before, he was still as


all, two of them had helped her when she came back, even though it was


about? Rorey and


and pretended to be mad. Then, she smiled at Rorey with apologies, “Rorey, don't listen to her nonsense. She likes to


get angry? We are


smile and shook her head, pretending to


topic. "It is surprising that you are


lot of peers in the entertainment


After the devastating scandal happened half a month ago, there was no room for her in the


the result was not satisfactory. Sometimes, she would be turned down. Those people were stubborn. It would


know some of the famous producers and directors, she came with Yunis tonight and hoped that she

I Am This Lady's Dance


seemed to see through Rorey's thoughts, so she couldn't help but laugh and say, “Manny and I are going to greet them. If you want, you can come with




long as


and looked at Yunis to


Yunis couldn't help but


yet, he wished that she could abandon the idea of returning to the entertainment industry at


a mess, he couldn't


quickly pulled his arm and said coquettishly, "Yunis, please. It is a rare opportunity. Maybe I can find some opportunities here. Also, you don't have to worry


to do


couldn't resist Rorey's soft voice. He only pondered for a moment before


and smiled at Hazel, "Hazel,


it. We are


she said that, Hazel's eyes were filled with


Rorey was deliberately


Hazel was even more


a relationship with those big-name actors


go. I'll go over there and


waved his hand at three women, and then he turned


stay away from those bitches! They are difficult to deal


corner of the banquet hall, Yayoi was holding a pastry plate in her hand. She was gobbling the


I will stay away from them, as long as they don't


took a sip of juice and glanced lazily at Rorey and


Yunis are here to participate in the annual meeting. I heard that the Ji Group has been looking for investments and has been rebuffed everywhere


juice from her cup. It


Rosiley was surprised.


news of the Ji Group half a month ago, but she didn't take


anyway. Although the scandal had caused its stock price to tumble, it was no big deal. Even if


hadn't settled this matter


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