The convenient Bride

Chapter 87: Former Rival in Love


Rosiley had expected Rorey to come here. She lazily stood at the door and smiled, "What are you talking about? My accompanying you on this trip showed great respect to the company. I had taken photos with you for clarification. I don't have to stay with you all day, right? Besides, before we came to City H, the company didn't request me to stay with you all day. You have no right to question me here.”


"Good for you, Rosiley. Are you deliberately going against me? We'll wait and see! When we return to Benin City, I will definitely ask the company to require you to clarify this matter in public. I'm sure I will.”


Rorey said, hopping mad. Then, she walked towards her room without turning her head.


Rosiley curled her lips and closed the door.


The next day, Rosiley finally appeared on the set again. Rorey and the others were angry to see her and they completely ignored her.


Since Rorey didn't make trouble for Rosiley, the latter was at ease. Rosiley walked around the set with a camera.


After spending two days together, the shooting crew was very familiar with Rosiley.


Everyone had a good impression of this reporter, who was somewhat famous.


Firstly, Rosiley was easy going. Moreover, she would joke with them and even treat them to drinks and food. Some staff would tease her, "Rosiley, we count on you to help us be famous. Remember to help us be on the front page!"


Every time Rosiley would promise, "No problem. Leave it to me."


impression of


to see them getting


two days on the set, she was secretly attacked


Rosiley was favored for


getting darker. Sometimes, she would even get angry


They secretly complained that Rorey started to act like a diva but she wasn't famous. They all wished they could end the shooting as soon as possible so that they could be


shake her head and show


time she did something wrong, she would not


to be hated.


finished the shooting, which should have come to an end a day and a


rising star who was very famous recently, seemed to be kept by a married man, and they were


staff also told Rosiley where Manny would


vigorous when she heard the news. After saying goodbye to the staff, she left


10 pm, Rosiley was hiding in an underground parking lot in a luxury residential

of Manny, Rosiley had a past history with


Hazel had been best friends for many years. Back then, when Rosiley had just graduated from university and was


and knew nothing. When she was bullied by Manny, who


in the past two years, and Rosiley was surprised to hear


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