The convenient Bride

Chapter 88: Absence Sharpens Love


"Afterwards, I was smart enough to find a way to escape.” Rosiley shrugged her shoulders, and added, “In short, she is not a good person. I'll never forget that she had publicly humiliated me’


"In the future, I won't let you be hurt like this again.’


Sachin hugged her and patted her on the back to console her.


He could imagine how confused and frightened a young girl would be when she encountered those hidden rules.


Fortunately, she was fine afterwards!


However, now that he knew it, he couldn't pretend that nothing had happened.


"Thank you, Sachin. I'll handle this by myself. I will get even with Manny sooner or later. As for these photos, I don't intend to reveal it for now."


"What are your plans?"


Sachin let go of her and asked, frowning.


"It's not much of a plan. I'm afraid that Rorey will make troubles for me when we go back. Quite a few celebrities, including Hazel and Manny, are helping to boom her popularity. If she can behave herself, then we'll be at peace. If she can't, then don't blame me for taking special measures.”


"Sometimes, I wish you were not so strong."


Sachin sighed softly and held her face affectionately.


As a big shot in the industry, Sachin naturally knew that it would be very difficult for one to survive in this industry without tactfulness.


In the past two years, Rosiley was exploited and on the thin ice. It was obvious that she had worked hard to get where she was.


I want to do, so I don't afraid of


so you don't need to be


fearless now because I have


in the past, Rosiley would stay calm and avoid


endured silently, the others would only think that they could push you around. Only if




finish the shooting, Rosiley and the others did not need to stay in City H, so they planned to return to Benin City


had already checked out with her agent and assistant, and they had gone to catch a


had lost all patience on this trip because she couldn't


the others, Rosiley was free to stay with Sachin. And she returned Benin City with


sent Rosiley back to


Rosiley, she rushed over happily and hugged the latter, "Rosiley, absence


rubbed the goose bumps on her arms. She said in disdain, “Don't make me sick. You just want


"You disappointed me."

of Rosiley. Then, they walk towards Rosiley's desk and Yayoi asked,


a few annoying people all day


eyes and said


But what's worse, you're in big trouble


company's orders. She said that you refused to cooperate with her and put company's reputation aside. She is quite capable. Lina was


"Oh, really?"


she had predicted that Rorey would


sneered, “OK, I'll go find Lina.


with Yayoi, Rosiley got


"You are here, Rosiley."


work and her stern face


"Yes." Rosiley nodded.


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