The convenient Bride

Chapter 86: It's Enough to Have You


"Sachin, don't make the call." Rosiley laughed and stopped Sachin. "The amusement park is funnier with more people. If there is only the two of us in such a big place, it will be boring. Let's go. I want to ride the roller coaster. Let's go."


Rosiley directly pulled his hand and went into the crowd before Sachin could respond.


After lining up and buying the tickets, they got on the roller coaster. Rosiley was very excited.


Sachin, however, was indifferent. It was clear that he did not like this crowded and noisy place, so he frowned all along.


Rosiley thought Sachin was interesting. She kindly reminded, "If you're scared later, you can scream loudly."


Sachin smiled noncommittally.


In the end, Rosiley kept screaming in the ride. Her face was even a little pale.


They took a rest on the chair beside the road. Sachin crossed his arms and looked at her mockingly. He said, "Rosiley, you're so excited. Do you want to play again?”


"No... No."


Rosiley forced a smile and thought that she bit off her own head.


Sachin smiled and didn't say anything.


Rosiley was a little unwilling to admit defeat, and she said, "How about we go play the turbo drop?”


"It's up to you.”


Sachin shrugged nonchalantly.


the roller coaster, the turbo drop, or some other exciting amusement rides, Sachin remained calm all


and her face was


exhaust Sachin, but she exhausted


had just bought. He sat down beside her


"Thank you!"


and drank a few


a while, she finally caught her breath. Then, she turned to look at the man beside her and smiled, "If Payton knows that you come to such a place with


when he knew


slightly, and his


Rosiley suddenly felt sorry.


extraordinary identity and background, and he was


at Sachin apologetically. Then she thought of something and said slowly, "When my mother died, I was still very young. She promised me that she would take me to the amusement park on my birthday. Unexpectedly, she




a little touched and


said, "I think I have told you that if I want to live with you for a lifetime. Therefore,


the right place, I would have

turned look at her, his black eyes filling


smiled, "It's


have more fun?" He



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