The convenient Bride

Chapter 45: His Wife


“Hey, we can save the fare tonight.”


Rosiley seemed to have anticipated this and pulled Yayoi into the car.


Yayoi did not react at all. Only when the car door was closed did she suddenly stare at the man sitting beside Rosiley with wide eyes.


It was actually Sachin!




Yayoi couldn't complete her words. She opened her mouth wide and her eyes were filled with disbelief.




Sachin greeted Yayoi.


Yayoi was excited and replied, “Mr. Lu ... Good evening.' Then, she looked at Rosiley, and her mind went blank.


Rosiley thought Yayoi's reaction was funny. She pointed at Sachin. “Let me introduce to you my newly married husband, Sachin.”


Yayoi said, “...”


It was quiet for a minute. Yayoi's expression gradually turned from blank to astonished, and finally to dumbfounded.