The convenient Bride

Chapter 44: My Idol Is Handsome


When the surrounding reporters saw this, they all fell silent, lest that they should be implicated.


Rosiley and Yayo¡i's expressions also changed.


The TEG's scale was not small, bụt they would get fired from the TEG if it was required by the LEG.


“Rosiley, what should we do?”


Although Yayoi was usually brave and powerful, she lost her mind now.


Rosiley's eyebrows twitched as she felt that it was hard to deal with.


However, she did not intend to apologize for what happened just now.


She would rather die than apologize to such a bastard and spend a night with him.


Just as the atmosphere grew grave, a reporter who had just gone to the bathroom barged in. His expression was extremely excited.  " I just saw Mr. Lu from REG outside!”


Everyone was shocked by his words. Then, a dozen of reporters took the lead to regain their senses. “Where is he? Where is he?”


“Are you Sure you're not mistaken?2 Sachin Lu? It's rare to see him. Come on! Gol Take a look.


the door. The tension had completely dissipated. Even Angus, the investors, and a few female stars couldn't wait to


a sigh of relief. “Rosiley, should we go


nodded. “Of course,


quickly got up and walked out of


outside. Angus, including those investors, stopped Sachin. He was giving Sachin a business card with a


He was impatient, frowning


“He acted so arrogant just now. But


face, her eyes lit up. “However, I really didn't expect to meet Mr. Lu here. He's my idol. How


laughed and looked at


looked back at


smiled at


darkened as he walked through the


he was about to walk past Rosiley, he suddenly stopped and

nodded. “Yes,


you. TEG isft suitable for you. lf you're interested, you can come to the


I will think


and watched Sachin


Angus looked at Rosiley with a dull expression. There was a strong sense of disbelief in


of them tried their best, but


the initiative to talk with her. Furthermore, he seemed to invite her to




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