The convenient Bride

Chapter 46: You Are Fired


“Yayoi, what did you just say?”


Lonny had a pretty bad look on her face when she heard Yayoi mutter.


Despite what Lonny said, she was indeed very jealous of Rosiley.


She regretted a lot about not having gone to that party last night. lf she did, perhaps it would be her who received the invitation from Sachin.


For all those years she had been in TEG, the best she could do was only the deputy manager of the department. But if she could get into REG, it would be a giant leap.


She believed Rosiley was not as professional as her, and she even had more experience than Rosiley. REG would definitely choose her.


But Lonny never thought “a bad timing” actually got Rosiley such a golden opportunity.


Rosiley knew more or less about Lonny's narcissism. She did nothing but smile. “Lonny, I don't know how much benefit you can get from Rorey. But if you still have some evil plans for me, just quit them. You can't afford the consequences.”


“Rosiley, is this a threat?”


Lonny's eyes immediately turned cold.


“lt is a warning.” Rosiley was fearless.


“Whoa, Rosiley, do you really think I'm afraid to fire you? I have a lot of connections in the REG. You have already offended director Angus. LEG will definitely give you a hard time. REG is just a pipe dream for you. Apologize or get fired, choose wisely."


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