The convenient Bride

Chapter 29: You Tasted Better


In the evening, Rosiley went back home directly after work.


But Sachin had to work overtime and might get back late. So Rosiley decided to prepare a big dinner in person.


Judging from Rosileys appearance, it seemed that she wasn't good at cooking. But in fact, she enjoyed cooking and might have a talent for it.


After a while, the kitchen was full of the aroma of food.


When Sachin arrived home, he stopped at the kitchen and appreciated the view.


His beloved wife was wearing the apron and busy cooking. Her figure was slender and graceful.


Right now she was apparently having fun and enjoyed the process herself.


Sachin slowly walked in and hugged her from behind.


Rosiley was so startled that she almost dropped the spatula. "You came back?”


"Yes.' Sachin responded and rested his chin on Rosiley's shoulder. "Your hands are soft and beautiful. You shouldn't use them for cooking.' said Sachin in a low voice near her ear.


"Well. I can make yummy food with these hands." Rosiley chuckled, "Dinner will be ready soon. You can just wait outside."


better to wait


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"I can help you."


holding Rosileys hands.


feel Sachin's breathing on her cheek. They


her face turned red. She was distracted by him and


cooking with you here, which will make me far away from being a


"There is the best way to be a good wife. lt is even a


the shortcut?"


"Like this..."


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give up. He hugged her tightly and kissed her passionately. They

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a lot these days was exhausted. But at night when she was sleeping, she felt someone coming and lying next to her. She felt familiar and safe, so she got closer and naturally rested


face. lt was the first time he had


were closed and he could see her long


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