The convenient Bride

Chapter 30: Rorey’s Scheme


All sorts of negative comments flooded to Rosiley, mixed with personal attacks.


"Well, well. Smart move. Rorey did it."


Even though Rosiley was mentally prepared, she was still annoyed as she read that news.


No one liked to be scolded or slandered. Those virulent comments really hurt.


Sachin raised his eyebrows, "You seem to have expected that."


“Not really. I knew she was up to something but didn't know her specific plan. Clearly, she wanted to use the video to ruin me and explain herself."


"Then what's your plan?" Sachin asked.


Just now, his eyes were filled with anger, but he calmed down soon.


"I've always been watching out for Rorey. l know what to do."


Rosiley looked at him and smiled, "I'm sorry to let you worry about me early in the morning, but please leave this to me. l can handle it.'


"Good” Sachin let out a sigh of relief and stroked her long hair. "When did you meet her?”


"Yesterday, when I went back to get my stuff.”


"If something like this happens again, you must tell me. I don't want you to be hurt." Sachin said coldly.


When he woke up in the morning and saw the news, he flew into a rage and immediately ordered Lane to delete the news by all means.