The convenient Bride

Chapter 28: Peace Before the Storm


"Don't blame Rosiley, mom. lt’s my fault."


Rorey struggled to get off the bed, walking slowly to Rosiley step by step.


"Sis, I know you blame me for taking Yunis away. I apologize. It's all my fault. And I have got what I deserved. I won't expect

your forgiveness, but please give me a chance to sincerely apologize to you.”


Rorey was begging humbly, holding Rosiley s hand. “Sis, you have every right to hate me and not forgive me. You can even hit

me if that helps. l'm willing to do anything to make up for you, anything.'


"Rorey, what the hell are you doing?”


Rosiley was surprised and confused about Rorey s attitude. She thought Rorey would curse her with rage, or play some dirty tricks. Unexpectedly, she apologized to her in such a humble way.


She must be planning something worse.


By no means would Rorey apologize, unless she was up to somethindg.


you're up to. But if you play pitiful, just save it for your Yunis." Rosiley stepped back,


misunderstood. I really mean it when l apologize. I know you won't believe whatever I tell you. But that's OK. What's done is done, I worry find any excuse for myself and just beg you to forgive Yunis and me. I know I'm being so selfish, but l'm pregnant and my baby can't be born without


Rorey got down on her knees and gripped Rosiley’s trousers, begging in shame and regret. She looked so humble and


step-sister too well. The more


Playing pitiful Just won't work for


composed herself and pulled


on the ground as if kicked by


on her belly, squirming in pain, tt


such a malicious bitch. Rorey has already apologized to you, how can you kick her on the belly?'


was completely stunned. How could she ever expect Rorey would put on the same


be pushed, while this time, she


was being so weird today. From her apology to her humble attitude, both paved the

still crying and squirming and Xenia was shouting for help to send Rorey to hospital as soon as possible, which made Rosiley


Gu, you're such an good actress. Honestly, you're born to be the


hurts. It hurts badly. Sis...please send me to hospital. Please save


her and seized Rosiley's trousers tightly, begging as if she was really

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