The convenient Bride

Chapter 28: Peace Before the Storm


"Don't blame Rosiley, mom. lt’s my fault."


Rorey struggled to get off the bed, walking slowly to Rosiley step by step.


"Sis, I know you blame me for taking Yunis away. I apologize. It's all my fault. And I have got what I deserved. I won't expect

your forgiveness, but please give me a chance to sincerely apologize to you.”


Rorey was begging humbly, holding Rosiley s hand. “Sis, you have every right to hate me and not forgive me. You can even hit

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me if that helps. l'm willing to do anything to make up for you, anything.'


"Rorey, what the hell are you doing?”


Rosiley was surprised and confused about Rorey s attitude. She thought Rorey would curse her with rage, or play some dirty tricks. Unexpectedly, she apologized to her in such a humble way.


She must be planning something worse.


By no means would Rorey apologize, unless she was up to somethindg.